Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Time for something new

After running this fashionblog for more than two years, it felt like it was time for something new. I blogged because I took great pleasure in sharing my outfits and purchases with you. The last couple of months though, I didn't like it as much as I used to. Having a website full of pictures of myself and the content of my closet started to feel... materialistic and a bit weird. For that reason, I decided to stop my fashion blog. 

But... As I said it was time for something new. I have been working on a new website the last couple of weeks, and it is finally done. The result is an online magazine called Modevandaag, you can find it here. On Modevandaag I will still occasionally do an outfitpost and I will write about fashion, but Modevandaag will also cover many other topics such as food, events, interior and traveling. Modevandaag is in Dutch but by using google translate international readers will be able to enjoy the site as well. 

Bloglovin will transfer my followers from to as soon as possible, so you will automatically start receiving Modevandaag's updates once that is done. I hope you like Modevandaag and will continue following, thanks a lot for reading my blog :)

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